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And that makes her a target for men who want to own her as a trophy. Soon, she decides to flee her kingdom and seek refuge in a place where she can be herself.

During his escape, Shirayuki ends up being helped by Prince Zen and his companions from a neighboring kingdom. The attraction between the prince charming and his damsel in distress is immediate and, with this offering refuge in his kingdom, the romance does not take long to gain wings.

In Snow White with the Red Hair, we watched Zen balance his feelings for Shirayuki with his responsibilities to his kingdom. He is a man of classic action, who is more likely to go into the dangers of the unknown than to confess his feelings to a woman. We also see Shirayuki losing her insecurities and allowing herself to be happy.

This is a unique anime in the way it shows its classic elements of the romance genre. From the characters, through art, sound and history, From Me to You is an anime that will touch the hearts of all lovers of romance.

Kuromuna Sawako is a girl known for being strange and therefore poorly understood by her colleagues. On the other hand, Kazehaya Shouta is a popular boy known especially for being generous and who, due to this personality trait, is the only one who speaks to the strange Sawako.

We ended up seeing the birth of feelings between two people so different, but that will complete each other and help each other to see the best things in life.

School Rumble centers its story on the young Tenma Tsukamoto, a student at the Yagami school who finds herself in a complicated love triangle.

She is secretly in love with Oji Karasuma, yet she cannot confess her feelings to him. Then there is a third play, the delinquent Kenji Harima, who is in love with Tenma and who attends school just to be close to her.

Although the anime focuses on these three characters, there are many others that are presented throughout the episodes, adding to this complex network of relationships.

Clannad is a fun and exciting anime and, along with its sequel Clannad: After Story, is considered one of the best novels you can watch. Originally a dating simulator, the story ended up pleasing fans so much that it was adapted for an animation.

The story revolves around Tomoya Okazaki, a sarcastic boy with an alcoholic father and a compulsive gambler. He ends up meeting a girl named Nagisa Furukawa, who wants to start a theater club, even though he has no experience in the field. That’s where Okazaki joins his new friend and four other girls in order to create a play.

Due to its origins, Clannad has a strong Harem anime component. But that only adds value to the plot, with well thought out and constructed characters, all hoping to win their place in the protagonist’s heart.

Clannad: After Story completely changes the dynamics of history, presenting some of the most devastating arcs of the genre.